1. Turkey: 20th -24th March 2017;
2. Romania: 29TH May to 2nd June 2017;
3. Bulgaria: 16th – 20th October 2017;
4. Italy: 26th – 30th April  2018.

1. Turkey: 20th -24th March 2017

Mobility in Turkey took place over 5 days (20-24 March 2017). Teachers and pupils from all partner countries (excluding Italian students) participated.
The Turkish partners received us with great enthusiasm, demonstrating that they are good managers, synchronizing and combining very well the project objectives, the project schedule, the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities of the project and the school. Teachers and students from the Turkish partner school have shown great dedication to the project and much respect for the project partners. The target group of the project has had a wonderful experience, everyone left pleased and smiling, thinking about the dissemination plan and the next transnational activity. It was a wonderful experience, all teachers and students left with future plans for themselves, entourage and school. We all wish that the our reflected image in the minds of the other would be real and not stereotyped, we are trying to propagate the syntax: “Give me a chance at least to show you who I am and how much I can”.
We, the Romanians, were amazed especially by the synchronization of the Turkish education system with the political system and with the economic agents. The ministry invests heavily in digitization of schools, and businesses are conditioned to conclude contracts with schools to meet their conditions. Students are very well trained from the practical point of view to be immediately integrated into the labor market. In fact, students are already practicing all summer in the hotels in the city, being paid in a flexible timetable, and after the completion of the courses they are immediately employed. In the host school, it was a real hotel service area, the practice halls were well equipped. There were hairdressing halls, body massages, facials, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures, tailoring, photo sessions, cooking, art and other spaces designed to create learning tools for children with ESCs in their own school and children with ESCs from town. Discipline in school has struck us all.
As far as the stereotypes in our mentality about the Turks, they were “broken” and “evaporated.” Our students are amazed at the hospitality of the families of their Turkish colleagues who hosted them. Teachers and guest students were delighted with everything they saw in Turkey and the behavior of the hosts, hearing from time to time among us, “I did not think it was like this, I will come back here.”
Now we are preparing and hoping that the mobility we will host to be on the merits of all our partners and to be at the height of a successful project.
Written of project coordinator Teacher-Violeta Dragut,
Translating of -the monitoring officer Techer-Daniela Ghitulescu

2. Romania: 29TH May to 2nd June 2017